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8 Tips for Selling Online

xmas-presentsIf you are following the search engine optimisation lesions, they will continue in the new year.

With the January Sales soon approaching it’s a good idea your online store (if you have one) is set up in the best possible way to attract customers. Identity has 8 essential tips to help you get the most out of selling online.

1. Know What Your Site is For

Making sure your website is delivering where is should is essential. To have an all singing all dancing website may look nice but is it delivering to your target audience? Can your customers do what they need to easily? These are issues you will need to address.

2. Distinguish Yourself from your Competitors

With some research you can easily find out what your competitors are doing. What can you do better/different/smarter? These things no matter how small will distinguish you from the competition. Being enthusiastic and having the expertise around your products and services is essential to making what you sell a success. If you are better on price, do a price comparison and show you are, if you offer a better service describe it and let the customer understand the difference.

3. Create Interesting and Compelling Content

Content is king and good content that people want to read will attract customers to your website. Good product reviews or even descriptions will make you stand out from the crowd. Make sure you use plain English that is easy to read and captivate your audience.

4. Sort Your Content for Customers and Search Engines

Make sure your product categories and sections are logically sorted without using vague name descriptions. This will help customers and search engines when they index your site. Make sure you break things down logically. Instead of having, “Men’s Jackets” and “Women’s Jackets”, use more descriptive categories such as, “Men’s Leather Jackets” and “Women’s Leather Jackets”. Although more work this will help a lot with the search engine optimisation of your website.

5. Sell Your Product to Your Customers and Search Engines

Make sure you write some good content for each product, use clear plain English and describe as much as you can. If you are selling Digital Camera for instance, instead of the title “Fuji F60” Use “Fuji F60 Compact Digital Camera” this helps describe the camera a little more and even gives an indication of the category that it is in.

Using quality professional high resolution images is a MUST; try to have about 3 or 4 images per product as it makes things more tangible for the customer. You customers will not buy if there are no images or they are of poor quality.

Mention the product name often in the description without it sounding unnatural. This helps with your key phrase density (and your product detail page should be optimised to the product name). Keep descriptions detailed and interesting; the description is your sales pitch - it can be the dealmaker or dealbreaker - it's also more content to be indexed onto search engines. Don't just copy and paste some sales literature - keep it fresh and original, and ultimately useful for your visitors.

6. Experiment with your Prices (if you can)

If you have products that are not selling stick a limited amount on special offer at an attractive price point. If they start to sell then you know if the price was being the issue and you can then make a description if it would be profitable selling at the lower price. However, you don’t want to go too low that you undervalue your product and no-one believes in it.

7. Build Trust

People like to buy from a trusted business. To create trust you need to display your business details on your website. Having a nice big contact number creates trust, as does a contact page with your full address and business particulars such as your opening times. Have a good terms and conditions and where applicable offer money back guarantees. All these will ensure trust between the customer and your business.

8. It all takes Time and Effort

Commit the time and effort to selling online and you will yield the greatest rewards. Focus on good content, pictures and pricing along with some search engine optimisation (Identity will continue the SEO lessons in the New Year – previous lessons can be found here) A horrible misconception is that everything is magically automated online, including making money. It isn't. It involves some hard graft, but not as hard graft as running an offline business (e.g. high street shop)!

Lesson Four: Google Webmaster Tools
Lesson Five: Links

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