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Bristow Holland: IT recruitment website

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At the end of a successful job, there’s nothing better than taking a step back to appreciate all the hard work your team has put in. As we’ve recently completed a site for specialist recruiter Bristow Holland, now’s the perfect time to look at what we’ve achieved for the tech savvy top recruiters.

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Client Testimonial

We engaged with Identity when looking for a new partner for a full branding redesign with a supporting modern website.  The consultation process was painless and the team were patient in working through a range of ideas until we found the right one for us.  Once branding had been determined the website was developed and launched quickly and efficiently and we always felt that our input was reflected in the design and usability of the website and we were thrilled with the outcome.  After go live the support from the team was excellent with any issues dealt with promptly.  Identity offer a personalised, cost effective and trustworthy service that I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend.

Andy Bristow - Director

Bristow Holland

When taking on any sort of web design project, it’s incredibly important to first take the time to get to know the client. Through understanding their corporate identity, their company values and their future goals, it’s possible to create a website that suits their needs perfectly.

Bristow Holland is a specialist recruiter that focuses on the IT industry. Working throughout the East of England, the company has extensive experience of successfully placing talented people in outstanding roles.

Jobs page

As a recruitment company, it was essential for the new look Bristow Holland site to have a comprehensive jobs page. This page needed to be easy to navigate, clear and concise. Job seekers needed to be able to find the positions that suited their experience and their qualifications quickly and they needed all of the relevant information to be at their fingertips. We took all of this into account when creating the company’s jobs page, resulting in a clean, contemporary design that’s stylish and straight forward.

Submit CVs

To encourage professionals to sign up with Bristow Holland, we placed a ‘submit CV’ option right on the front of the website. This gives visitors the motivation they need to take action, get in touch and find a job through the recruitment agency.


In order for a website to stand a chance of competing on the modern web, it needs to be responsive. Google now favours sites that automatically adjust to fit the screen they’re being viewed on as it’s more convenient for the mobile web.

By designing the Bristow Holland site responsively, we’ve ensured it’s ready for the future of the internet.

Feature rich CMS

As Bristow Holland need to be able to add jobs and update their site on a regular basis, we created a feature rich CMS to help them stay on top of site maintenance. Ensuring your website meets modern web design standards is a must if you want to inspire trust and confidence in your client base and make your company a force to be reckoned with. Have a look around our site or get in touch with a member of our team to find out more.

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