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Cool 'Cool' Websites for Summertime

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With summer upon us now is the perfect time to ensure your website is looking cool for summertime.  Would your website benefit from a freshen up? This doesn’t necessarily mean a complete re-design; A few minor tweaks can sometimes breathe new life into an existing design.

What would freshen up my website?


Do the colours you have throughout your website really appeal to your target audience?

Do they attract attention to the correct areas of your website?

How do the colours used make the user feel?


How many different fonts are you using? Sometimes more is less, typically we'd advise not to go beyond using 2-3 font types

What do they say about your business? Are they professional? Do they represent your brand well?

Do they appeal to your websites visitors? 


Is it easy to get to the information needed in just a few clicks? It’s easy to lose users to complex navigation leaving them feeling lost. An addition of a sidebar menu or breadcrumbs can make it easier for navigation around complex websites.


Images can say 1000 words but they need to be speaking the right ones. What impression do the images leave on users? Are the images you are using crisp and clear?

Call to Action

People love direction so why not give them some? Want website visitors to contact you, or to view a certain page, you need to tell them. CTA's are a great way of drawing people towards the areas of the site you are targeting

Take a look with us at some of our latest redevelopments

We have had many clients aiming to get ahead of the curve and asked us to improve aspects of their sites in preparation for the summer rush. Take a look below at three of our favourites.


Child Mental Health Centre

Summer Refresh:

We recently refreshed CCMH with an updated design, new images, content, color scheme. A complete refresh! The resulting changes are more inline with their child friendly branding.

View Website

Sibton White Horse Inn

Summer Refresh:

We re-worked the functionality and positioning of elements of the site to draw more attention to target areas. We also updated colours, images, videos and other content areas.

View Website

RW Crawfords

Summer Refresh:

We recently developed some new features for the site to enable customers to quickly locate products and the closes office locations. As a part of the refresh we updated content and images, the result a completely new looking site.

View Website

If you feel your website would benefit from a summer freshen up, feel free to contact us 01473 807014 to discuss your website requirements.

Are you ready to reach your target audience?
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