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DHA Global contacted identity looking to replace their existing website with a responsive multilingual one which would insight confidence into visitors looking to undertake training courses. The main objectives were to maximise conversions per user visit, to list courses in a clear and concise manor and to design the site responsively to reach as many users as possible.

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We are delighted with the advice and support we received from Identity and we are extremely happy with our new website. We contacted Identity because our website was dated and static and they did a brilliant job on it by giving it a fresh modern look and adding excellent new features in. Would highly recommend to anyone who is looking for efficiency and skill!.

David Hopps MIExpE MIoD - Managing Director

Modern Profesional Look

DHA global already had a logo and some branding designed and were looking for something more fitting with the scheme than their existing website.

Responsive Design

By opting for a responsive design DHA Global now have a much wider audience which can access their website, without any unsightly rendering issues across any browser or device.  Not only does this open their business up to more customers but will also help improve their google rankings leading to more customers finding them organically.

Full featured CMS

The full featured CMS that we built into the new site will help DHA Global to control exactly what information, images and other content appears on their site. The use of the CMS will save them huge amounts of time and money overall as they will not need to pay someone to update their website for them as they can readily do so with little technical knowledge required.


DHA Global have a worldwide market so therefore it was imperative that the site had a built in language translator which can be quickly located.

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