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Does Your Website Attract The Right Traffic and Convert Customers?

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The purpose of having a website is to sell your products and services. That’s most likely why you paid a web designer to build you one.

So it is understandable you are frustrated that your prized digital asset is not giving you a return on your investment. But don’t panic. If your website is not attracting the right traffic and converting customers, there could be an easy fix.

Are you using the right keywords?

Search engines rely on keywords to identify the content of a webpage. Keywords define what end-users can expect to find on your website so should relate to the products and services you offer.

For example, we are a web design company based in Ipswich so our primary keywords are:

  • Web design
  • Web designers
  • Web development
  • Web-based services
  • Ipswich

Once search engines know what your website is about they can match your keywords with the search terms for an end-users. So if someone searches on Google, Web designers in Ipswich, Identity will appear in search results.

Search terms define user-intent and by matching keywords search engines can show you up in search results and help drive the right traffic to your website.

Sales copy

Once you are getting the right type of visitors, you then have to convince them to buy your products and services. To convert customers you need engaging sales copy.

The sales copy is the content on your Homepage, services page and product pages. This is your opportunity to explain to customers who you are and what you can offer them.

Consumer purchase decisions are based on emotions. They want to know what they will gain from your products and services. Your sales copy should therefore describe the benefits you offer.

The important thing to remember is your sales copy should be persuasive. It should also set you apart from your competitors. If you appear to offer the same benefits as your rivals, how can you convince customers to buy from you rather than somebody else?

You have to give customers something different, something better and something a little extra.


If you ask digital marketing professionals what the single most important aspect of a website is, 99 per cent will say user-experience. The goal of search engines is definitely to improve user-experience.

And this is where a good web design comes into play. Your website has to perform on multiple devices and provide visitors with an enjoyable experience. This is one area where you can distance yourself from your rivals.

A unique user-experience does not always mean that you have to have an all-singing, all-dancing website with bells on it. The more features you have can actually do more damage than good.

What you do need is to give customers what they want. This varies from one industry to the next, but speed, convenience, ease of use and essential information ticks everybody’s boxes.

Sometimes websites that are not converting may only need a few tweaks. Others need an entire overall. Start with the basics we have explained here and if they are okay, get in touch so we can take a closer look and find the solution for you.
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