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Does Your Website Design Build Trust?

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Whether they’re buying a new TV, investing in printed marketing materials, booking a holiday, planning a wedding or picking up a few last minute presents, people like to do business with companies they trust. No one wants to be ripped off, disappointed or let down at the last minute. So as people browse the web in search of products or services, they automatically gravitate towards websites that look trustworthy.

Building trust through web design is an established practice and a lot of web design companies work hard to develop graphics, features and techniques that will help people trust a business, converting them from visitors into customers as they go. If it’s been a while since your company website had a redesign, or you’re launching a brand new business onto the web, taking the time to ensure your website looks and feels trustworthy could pay dividends in the future.


The first thing a customer will look for when arriving on your homepage is quality web design. If your site looks homemade and amateurish, they’ll assume you’re a small startup or that you don’t have enough confidence in your business to invest in professional web design.

As well as professional graphics, an attractive layout and easy navigation, your site will also need to have good quality copy. Spelling mistakes, lax punctuation and sentences that don’t make sense will cause customers to turn away from your site in droves.


If you offer a money back guarantee, have received an award or accreditation or are part of an elite group of businesses within your industry, display this information clearly on your site using badges.

Placing the logos of companies that you work with on the page will also help to build confidence, especially if you’ve done business with large, multinational clients and household names.

These badges will help to give your business credibility and help customers to trust that your company is here to stay.


People like to know who they’re doing business with. If you want to create a trustworthy website, it’s essential that you have a strong About page.

Giving your customers and potential customers an idea of who you really are will help them to trust your business and believe in your brand. Place photos of yourself and your team on the page to create an even more personal bond with your site visitors.

By creating a high quality site and injecting some real personality into your web presence, your business can build instant trust with existing and future customers. To find out more, or to start planning a redesign of your own, get in touch with us today.

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