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Does Your Website Reflect Your Business Goals?

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Every business needs an objective. And to be successful online, your website should reflect your brand and communicate your business goals to customers.

Your website is the virtual reality of your physical business. It is your shop window in the digital world. It should therefore reflect your company’s expertise within your industry.

The two questions online consumers ask are, does this company have what I need and can I trust them to deliver? Trust and authority is a massive influence in online sales.

You website is often the first time a customer becomes aware of your brand. This is your opportunity to make a first and lasting impression. It is vitally important that the design is up-to-date and visually engaging.

More to the point, it has to reflect the type of business you are and what you can do for the customer. Your website should give you an air of authority visitors will trust.

Convincing web designs

Out dated web designs with stale copy and information that is hard to find cannot compete in the online world. They make a business look unprofessional, disorganised and untrustworthy.

Furthermore, modern day customers want reassurances you are an expert in your field or that your products do what you claim. And for that you need a web design and engaging content that convinces customers.

A website should be enjoyable to use, easy to navigate and pleasing to the eye. It should also have plenty of content customers can read to learn more about you and your products.

You can achieve this on the mainframe of your website, but it is also advisable to keep a blog as well. Blogs enable you to load fresh content that is current, informative and reflects your business goals.

Adding content on a regular basis not only gives customers information they want to know about, but also attracts search engine crawlers to quantify your website and rank you accordingly. More content therefore means a higher rank in search engine results.

How websites communicate business goals

Business goals are reflected in the identity and personality of a brand. You can communicate this by the colours and design of your logo.

The colours and design of your website should correspond with your logo and be uniform throughout your entire marketing packages.

For example, businesses that want customers to perceive them as trustworthy and authoritative typically use shades of blue. Luxury brands use black and businesses that what to promote a sense of urgency use bright colours; red, orange or yellow.

Your brand also needs to have personality. You do this by developing a voice in your content. Create a personality you feel your customers will be most responsive to.

Your personality should also reflect your business goals. Add more information about your business philosophies and explain how you can cure the pain points of your customers.

A website that communicates business objectives to its customers is more likely to reach the goals defined in the original business plan. And when you are fishing online, you have to start by hooking the bait on your website.

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