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Presenting: Ebstone Kitchens

Ebstone Kitches

With more people searching for products and services online than ever before, having a website which grabs and retains attention is vital. This is exactly what is achieved with Ebstone a leading kitchen supplier based in the UK for nolte, Nobilia and Macintosh kitchens.

Like many innovative and forward thinking businesses, Ebstone Kitchens realised that they needed to upgrade their online presence if their website was going to give customers the right first impression about their brand. By working closely with Ebstone Kitchens, we were able to give their site a full facelift, bringing their web presence right up to date and giving them a site that reflected their company image whilst showcasing the high quality kitchens they supply.

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Full Screen Galleries

The selling point was the high-end quality kitchens, so why not flaunt them? The full screen galleries achieve this perfectly as you navigate the site a relevant gallery is presented showcasing the producs of the page you are visiting. This grabs the users attention

Responsive Design

 In order to market to as many users as possible the website is responsive ensuring a user-friendly experience which shows off the clients high end service on any device and screen size.

Newsletter System

In order to contact customers who sign-up we integrated a newsletter system.

Content Management System

Update the content wherever. whenever.

Fast & Secure Hosting

Because everyone needs a website they can rely on.

If you’re interested in kick starting your next web project or just want to discuss an up-coming project give us a call on 01473 722726 or send us a message via our contact page

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