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Eccentric Trading Company

eccentric trading

After many years running an established antiquities rental store, eccentric came to identity looking to enter the digital age by opening an e-commerce store to access the avenue of online sales. We went forth and created an ‘eccentric’ logo, alongside a quirky e-commerce website, which is easy to manage and accessible across all browsers and devices.

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Eccentric Look

To fit with the name and branding we created a balance between a quirky and clear. A whitespace site, which is complimented by the eccentric wallpaper backing. 

Responsive Design

By opting for a responsive design Eccentric now have a much wider audience which can access their website, without any unsightly rendering issues across any browser or device.  Not only does this open their business up to more customers but will also help improve their google rankings leading to more customers finding them organically.

Full featured CMS

The full featured CMS that we built into the new site will help Eccentric to control exactly what information, images and other content appears on their site. The use of the CMS will save them huge amounts of time and money overall as they will not need to pay someone to update their website for them as they can readily so with little technical knowledge required.

Logo Design

Eccentric didnt have much in the way or branding, we listened to their brief and took forth their comments to propose several designs. The favourite was then tweaked and revised until we reached one which was 100% satisfying.

Mood Board

A rising trend at the moment, the mood board allows users to browse the website and created a board of products which they are interested in for later purchase. This is a great feature for getting customers to return to your website.

CSV Database Import

Eccentric had an existing stock and customer database which they needed to keep in sync with the website. Wtih use of the built in CSV database upload area, they are able to easily keep these in-line with eachother.

Quoting System

As the main orientation of the website is to make sales, the ecommerce system was integrated into the website. The site is divided into easy to navigate categories, allowing users to quickly find what they’re looking for. On the back end the moderators can easily add, remove or make amendments to products, run promotional deals, manage orders and much more.

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