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Social media is a powerful tool for a multitude of reasons, often serving as the first point of contact for customer services, a portal to impose your brand, and marketing. Many don't know how to generate online leads using social media and turn them into sales.

The first step is to get smart about how to use social media. Read on to discover a few savvy tricks that could change the way you think about social media.

Establish yourself as an expert through blogging

Having a blog does three things for you immediately:

  • An interesting read can give readers reason to visit your website and thus becoming a potential customer
  • It’s a way of imposing your businesses ethos
  • Social media is the perfect place to boast your knowledge in your field, building confidence

Good content is king here, with millions of websites often offering the same information, what sets yours apart? Good content.

Your blog needs to offer the reader reason to continue reading, be that something to learn, some useful information or something niche.

Try to invoke conversation, maybe you could end on a question or ask for opinions and hopefully people will offer theirs in the comments section.

The same techniques will not work for every audience, its imperative to know your target audience and base the content around them.

If it's good content, don't give it all away

Keep your goal in mind, after all you’re more than likely not writing a blog for the fun of it. Be sure to include links to your website, that form you need filled out or it could be your contact details. Whatever your goal is be sure to include it as it’s the only way you’ll convert readers into customers.

Know your audience, know their platform

Research your customers and your competition if you really want to excel in online lead generation.

A good starting point for this is checking out the leaders in your field, how they are generating their leads and what’s making them successful at doing so.

It’s also worth checking out your client base, what are their interests? Which Facebook pages they’ve liked can be a telling sign.

So, find out where your audience likes to spend its free time online. In addition, see what your competition is up to. What are they doing? How could you do it better?

Be ready to talk

With increasingly more people using Facebook, twitter, and other social media platforms on a daily basis, you may find social media to be your first point for customer service. These conversations may not always generate you leads but it well help set yourself apart form a faceless company and build a positive reputation.

Facebook is littered with sales pitches form businesses and that’s fine. But how often do businesses stop, listen, and ask how can I help?

Be proactive and quick to respond, this is a small thing which is greatly remembered by customers and will often lead to them calling you in the future. Customers tend to do their research on you before making that call, be sure your pages are offering the right impression.

Even if you don't like social media marketing, you can't deny it comes with quite a few free advantages. You gain exclusive access to a huge market of potential customers and the ability to interact with them is priceless.

You should never fully dependent on social media to generate leads, but it’s a great supplementary portal for doing so. You want to use social media to help more businesses get to the contacting stage.

Now it’s time to get writing! Get your names out there, keep in mind your goals, the clients’ needs, and you’ll have some new leads in no time.

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