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Google Base / Google Merchant Centre


Do you know what they are?

Google base in simple terms is an online database provided by Google. Users can add almost any type of content to the database in structured formats (such as XML, EXCEL, PDF etc). Recipes, classified ads, lecture notes - pretty much anything you can think of can be posted for free to Google Base.

You'll need a Google Account in order to post anything to Google Base. Once you've signed up for one (which, by the way, gives you access to all of Google's services, some of which we have discussed in our previous newsletters), you can start uploading content to Google Base.

Ok sounds great so far, but what about Google Merchant Centre? Ok so the possibilities of loading your recipes, pictures, advert to be searched by millions and millions of people is exciting. However, all those people can also search for products! If you own an online ecommerce shopping cart then without submitting your products to the merchant centre you are missing out on potentially lots and lots of customers!

So how does it work? Simple! You can set up a feed that can either be manual or automatic (depending on your shopping cart) to your Google account and you’re away! Automatic data feeds are a convenient way to create multiple items in Google Product Search. Once you've created your file, you'll upload it to the Google Merchant Centre. After your file is processed, your items will be added to Google Product Search, and, if you’re an AdWords customer, you will be able to promote them in product-based ad formats such as Product Extension Ads.

Once you have set up your feed and started to submit your products where do they go? Well, you’ll be surprised as we’ve all seen the Google shopping page. All your products will become searchable in the Google shopping pages to millions of people daily.

This is just the tip of the iceberg! Do you own a property website? Car dealer? Holidays? The possibilities of getting your information indexed further than just your website are endless!

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