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How big do you think the internet is?


shutterstock 223785412With over one billion websites, more than two billion users worldwide and a content pool that’s growing faster than most of us can comprehend, the internet is a seriously big place.

If you’re trying to get a blog, website or online store noticed, understanding just how enormous the internet really is should give you a good idea of what you’re up against, so let’s take a look at some of staggering web based statistics to find out.


As of 2014, web giant Google had indexed around 200 terabytes of data.

However this 200 terabytes is estimated to account for only 0.004% of the actual internet, resulting in a total amount of data so large it’s too mind boggling to even type.


If you’re glued to your smartphone, never put your tablet down or use your laptop so much it’s become a living, feeling part of your body, it may come as a shock that not everyone in the world has access to the web.

In Africa, only around 15.6% of the population goes online, in Asia it’s 27.5% and in South America 42.9%. At the other end of the scale, a tech happy 63.2% of Europeans and 67.6% of Australians are connected to the internet with North Americans the most web savvy at 78.6%.


If you did your Christmas shopping from the comfort of your living room, you may not be surprised that more and more of us are using the internet to make purchases. In fact Americans spend an average of $717,808,219 online everyday.

Searching is also a big part of our internet itinerary with Google receiving an average of 5.93 billion search requests every day. What exactly people are looking for we may never know, but it could well be for one of the 2.73m blog posts published daily.

Social media

If you think you spend a lot of time watching videos on YouTube, you may be interested to know that watching all the videos uploaded to the site on a single day would take you a staggering 16 years.

We’re also keen on socialising with 1.23bn of us logging onto Facebook every month and 100 million users checking into Twitter every day.

Though these statistics may make the internet seem like a big and scary place, with a bit of specialist knowhow it’s still easy to get your message across.

If you’d like to find out more about harnessing the power of the world wide web, get in touch with us today.

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