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How to Keep Attracting Online Customers

happycust1The transactional nature of online shopping requires merchants to engage continuously and effectively with existing and potential customers. There are two basic challenges: attracting people and making them return repeatedly. The communication tools deployed must bring a fresh persuasive message, with a personalised touch related to the consumer’s behaviour. Here are just some of the tools that can facilitate effective relationships.

1 Bundles

These can be made from complementary products or items within a category, according to recent customer interest. They offer a great opportunity to promote alternatives related to the objects of interest.

2 Coupons

Provide discount vouchers to attract customers to sales items in their favourite areas. This is a fantastic way to cross-sell any extra stock and do seasonal promotions.

3 Wish Lists

Encourage people to recommend products by providing wish lists or gift registry functionality. You can also increase the likelihood of conversion by attaching offers to the items on the lists, such as sales discounts or free shipping.

4 Loyalty Programs

These can be integrated with specific stores – physical or virtual – or purchases made from your brand or other companies. They provide returning customers with the ability to redeem points to put towards their next purchase or a current buy.

5 Quantity Discounts

Increase the average order value and help manage inventory turns by applying discounts to bulk orders. When used effectively, quantity-based promotions can be tightly coupled with your entire business flows, and drive customers to your website at times when specific incentives or promotions are also up for grabs.

Credits: Roy Rubin | net Magazine June 2011

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