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Introducing: Fancy Dress Hut

fancy dres hut

Fancy Dress Hut contacted Identity looking to create an ecommerce site to sell their fancy dress products which reflects the spooky nature of their business. During the halloween period as you browse the site spiders crawl over the page and drop dead as the mouse passes over. Over the christmas period snow cascades down the page creating a festive atmosphere.

View new website:

Seasonal Design

Depending on the upcoming season being promoted the site can be adapted accordingly, keeping the theme always current and relevant.

Responsive Design

With a large majoirty of website users browsing via mobile or tablet devices it's important that these users are able to access the site and it function properly. 

Promoted products slider

To highlight promoted products there is a slide near the bottom of the page

Sticky Menu

You'll never get lost navigating Fancy Dress Hut thanks to the sticky menu links are ever present at the top of the page.

Integrated 3rd Party Stock Management

With stock being dependant on a 3rd party source, this is a very important feature which allows the 3rd party stock levels to update with the site accordingly saving time and dissapointment.

Paypal payment Gateway

Paypay was the preffered payment gateway this time.

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