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Case Study: JLS Ovens

JLS ovens

Every single company we work with has its own unique set of requirements. Whether they have a bespoke product line, a complex list of services, a niche USP or a strong personality that needs to be communicated, we work hard to ensure all of the websites we build go above and beyond the brief we receive and reflect our clients’ businesses perfectly.

One website we’ve recently completed – and that we feel meets these exacting standards perfectly – is the new JLS Ovens homepage. Detailing a specialist product line and industry specific services, the site includes a lot of important information in a clear and concise format. Designed to be stylish and contemporary as well as practical, the JLS Ovens site acts as an online showroom for this innovative company’s high end products. 

View new website:

New and updated

As well as giving the site a brand-new look, we also gave all the information on the URL an overhaul. By spending time updating the copy, the images and the product descriptions, we’ve created a site that provides visitors with all the latest information and all the most relevant pieces of data. 

Responsive design

Responsive design is the future of the internet. Created to be just as easy to use on mobile devices as it is on a PC or laptop, the new JLS Ovens page is fully optimised for the mobile web. This means that the company’s customers can browse their range quickly and easily from their phones when they’re out and about. This increases the likelihood of them using the company and ensures no customers are put off by clunky navigation or slow loading pages.

Content Management

Content management is important for most businesses. Giving them the ability to control what appears on their site, make changes to product listings and update information, a CMS is an essential online tool. The content management system that we built for JLS Ovens allows them to edit several features on the site. Especially useful for updating information relating to their ovens, the CMS is vital for keeping the site up to date.

Newsletter system

In order to keep existing and potential customers up to date on the latest news and special offers, we created a bespoke newsletter system for the JLS Ovens site. A great way to build customer loyalty and to develop relationships with buyers, the newsletter will help JLS Ovens to grow their corporate identity and create a buzz around their latest deals.

If you’re interested in renovating a webpage of your own, or if you just want to find out more about the services we offer, have a look around our site today. 

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