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Keep your customers informed during lockdown with notifications

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As we prepare to enter a national lockdown on the coming Thursday now is the perfect time to get your business prepared to continue it's services during the 4 week period. Many overlook the importance of notifying their client base with how the business is changing to remain in safe operation, with many people at home checking online the businesses website should always be your first port of call. We can help you with updates to keep your businesses employees and connections well informed. lets take a look at some of these methods and how they work effectively

What's your current business status

You should notify your existing and new customers with your current capacity for new projects, different services offered, delays to expect, changing operative hours.

What method is best to notify your customers?

Different customers are best reached using different methods, this can be through website notifications, blog posts, newsletters, printed media, or social media posts or best yet all of the mentioned methods.


Popups are prevolant, they demand attention are often the first thing you see when you land on a website making them a perfect way to relay important information.

popup example

Notification bars

You may have noticed these already appearing on top sites like Amazon, ASOS or eBay. A notification bar at the top of the site is less intrusive than a popup whilst still being noticable and informative. They can also be utilised for other information such as promotions once lockdown has passed.

amazon notification

Information Pages

Your customers / employees might benefit from and feel comforted by a COVID-19 information page or a what to do FAQ section.


Blog posts

Much like this blog you are reading right now, an informative blog post can be shared on social media sites, be found on your website and even adapted and sent out in a newsletter.


Social media

With such a large base of people online on social media, its a great place to post updates, ongoing updates can often be pinned to the top of your page so it remains in a place easy to find by your pages visitors.


Printed Media

If your storefront has closed it could be helpful to place some banners or other printed media around to keep your customers informed.

wash handsbannerd


A newsletter is a great way to stay in touch with what can be a large section of your customer base.

newsletter covid


If your business requires any assistance from ourselves enacting any of the points above please don't hesitate to contact us. Stay safe.

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