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Free Widescreen Monitor Anyone?

Updated article here.

So, Identity are exhibiting at the Menta trade fair in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk on 11thSeptember and are giving away another monitor to a lucky winner! free monitor
Monitor for illustration purposes only

We’ve been doing some research about trade fairs and the best ways to get something out of them. Here is what we have found out:

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5 Ways to get People to Read your Content.

Ok so you’ve written something so good but no-one is reading it? No Google+ no likes on Facebook, no comments… don’t worry, it’s not time to throw in the towel just yet, the solution could be simpler than you think.


"Kindle - Your days are numbered."

1. Short and concise

People scan when they read online so feed that scanning need with snappy concise text. I you have something complex to say try breaking it up.

Start with your conclusion first, then support it with the sentences that follow. This helps your customers to move from point to point, and decide where they’d like to dive in deeper.

2. Break up content with compelling sub headings.

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Stop Using Internet Explorer 6 Says Microsoft


And here at Identity we couldn’t agree more! Microsoft has launched a campaign to try to reduce the 10-year-old browsers usage down to 1%.

The new countdown site - – is “designed to monitor progress of moving worldwide market share of Internet Explorer 6 (IE6) to less than 1%”, Microsoft said in a statement. “Currently one in four Internet Explorer users continue to use IE6, a browser which lacks modern web standards and provides an unsatisfactory user experience,” said the company.

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The Best News Feed Apps - Well we think so! :)

News Apps

The Best News Feed Apps!

An essential download for all smartphones and tablets.

While browsing the web for all your favourite news sites is admittedly no great hassle, the appeal and convenience of apps that successfully bring all the news that you want to one location, ready for consumption by your hungry mind, cannot be denied.

News apps represent a booming sector of the app world and one that has progressively evolved from initially being simple RSS feed readers, into much more complicated and personalised interfaces.

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The best free online storage services

online backupStore, sync and share your files for no charge

Ok so here at identity we know we couldn’t easily work without our online storage service. It backs up our files, it shares them between computers, it even has the ability to restore older deleted files! We can work from home and still have all our work files to hand, the service in to us, indispensible. Which one do we use? It’s called Dropbox, which as I’m sure many of you already do use. However, for those that haven’t discovered it yet and what it could potentially do for you and your business let me explain. First let me start by saying we are not getting paid by Dropbox so I’ll also take you through a couple of different service providers that also offer similar services…

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How to Research Your Market

marketresearch1Whatever type of professional or entrepreneur you are at some point you will need to do some market research. That gap in the market doesn’t mean anything until you’ve done some research to make sure it’s viable.

Here are some tips on how to carry out your research.

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Search Engine Optimisation with Video

Online-video1It’s known that most people prefer to watch a video than read text or look at static images. Video usage is on the rise, with more than 95% of UK homes (and rising) have broadband its becoming much more accessible.  YouTube is rated the 3rd most popular site in the world, video is here and here to stay.

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How to Keep Attracting Online Customers

happycust1The transactional nature of online shopping requires merchants to engage continuously and effectively with existing and potential customers. There are two basic challenges: attracting people and making them return repeatedly. The communication tools deployed must bring a fresh persuasive message, with a personalised touch related to the consumer’s behaviour. Here are just some of the tools that can facilitate effective relationships.

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What do we use the internet for anyway?

googledIt’s the single largest infrastructure ever built in all time. Banned in Egypt and a legal human right in Finland. The number of people using the internet is massive; with over two billion subscribers the internet is huge!

We all use the internet but what for? What do we all actually do with it? Well I know I’ve recently done some research, shopped, made contact with friends, did some business. The fact is we use the internet for almost everything. There are more and more things to use the internet for and there are more people to do it with.

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The Social Media Revolution

social-iconsDid you know?

  • 50% of the UK mobile internet traffic is for Facebook.

  • 80% of Companies use social media for recruitment.

  • YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world.

Do you need help with social media?

Don't get left behind, find out how the social media revolution can work for you.

Contact Us for more information

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