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Search Engine Optimisation with Video

Online-video1It’s known that most people prefer to watch a video than read text or look at static images. Video usage is on the rise, with more than 95% of UK homes (and rising) have broadband its becoming much more accessible.  YouTube is rated the 3rd most popular site in the world, video is here and here to stay.

All the major search engines including Google, Yahoo and Bing have dedicated video search engines that trawl the internet for good, unique new videos. These videos are then listed in the search engines by the use of a video thumbnail preview. A recent eye-tracking study performed by Fortune Cookie ( found that people are automatically attracted to video thumbnails on the search engine result pages (SERP) and even skip listings above and below them entirely. Wow! Now that means that video listings in search engine results get so much attention other listings around them get completely ignored. The benefits of having video on each search engine optimised page of a site are truly clear. The search engines take video very seriously because they know the impact it causes, and video does add some spice to a page.

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