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Spring Clean: How to refresh your website for Spring



Spring has sprung and with that comes the time to refresh and renew the old, that goes for your website too. Now is the perfect time to take a fresh look at your old website and objectively look at how you can breathe new life into it.

Bug Fixes

Does your website require a few fixes to ensure it works on all browser and devices? Is your website fully responsive? One massive website killer which often quickly turns away potential customers is broken features or not being accessible. This is one area worth consideration for maintenance immediately.


Have you got old information scattered across your website? Maybe an old address, new service information which needs updating or even something as small as typos. These are areas which can be quickly addressed which will instantly enrich the users experience.

Dead Links

Does your website links all connect correctly? IT’s worth clicking through and checking, maybe a page was moved or removed and now a link buried deep in your website somewhere leads to nowhere. This can be disastrous for your website users and may prompt them to leave your website immediately. Not only can it be off putting for your users but google frowns upon this too, penalising your sites google ranking.


Improving your websites loading speed benefits you on two fronts:
Firstly, your website users will be able to get to where they need to much quicker leaving no room for disgruntlement as the wait for areas of a page to load-in. Secondly, google loves a fast loading site, by improving your page speed score you will gain an SEO benefit as a reward. You can check your sites page speed here:


A quick win, which is cheap and effective can be to replace existing images. Images grab attention but good images keep it. Most websites have a feature images as the first thing you see when visiting their site, try updating this to something themed with the current spring season.


What does your website font say about your business? You can put together the most elegantly constructed wording you can muster but if it’s presented in the wrong way it may be overlooked. Changing fonts throughout your site can really impact on the personality and aesthetics of your site.

There you have it 6 points worth considering to refresh your website for Spring! If you need any assistance with making any changes or have any queries as to what changes you may have to make to your website feel free to contact us

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