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Promote your business at Christmas

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We have 10 tips, 5 for business and 5 for specifically for online shops. It’s Christmas, love it or hate it it’s time to get selling!

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Timeline Cover Photos

Changing your social media cover photo is quite easy, there are plenty of templates online. If you struggle designing or creating one yourself maybe you can get a professional bespoke image made up for you. Make sure you have a call to action on the image so that people know what to do.

Let it Snow

Another quick win is snow… There are lots of snow effects that can be installed on your site, so why not? It’s snowing on our site now – check it out:

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Case Study: Hideo Wakamatsu


Bright, bold and eye-catching, the Hideo Wakamatsu online shop is a great example of the kind of stylish and practical site our team can create. Designed to reflect the company’s personality and products, the new ecommerce site makes these unique bags and accessories even easier for customers to find and purchase.

After working with Hideo Wakamatsu to create a brief that met their current needs and future ambitions, we set out to design and build a site that would do their products justice. To give our customers an idea of what our creative team can do, here’s a rundown of how we brought the Hideo Wakamatsu online shop to life.

View new website:

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Launch of Centre for Child Mental Health Website

ccmh background

Though the website we created for the Centre for Child Mental Health has been up and running for a while now, we’ve made a number of changes and tweaks over the last few months so thought this would be a great time to take a closer look at the organisation, the work they do and the website we built for this important cause.

View new website:

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AZTARO: Hand crafted luxury

 website design

Whenever we start work on a new job, we like to take the time to try and understand the company we’re working with and to get a good idea of their identity, goals and USP. With Aztaro, one of our most recent clients, this was especially important as their brand appeals to the luxury market. This meant that they needed a website that would reflect their quality and their clientele, showcases their outstanding products in the process.

View new website:

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Ship Shape Bedding

ship shape web design

With another week of hard work now under our belts, it’s time to take a quick look back at what our talented team have been up to this month. We’ll start with a look at one of our most recently completed projects, a website for innovative shipware company Ship Shape Bedding.

Visit new website:

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The-Shop@86 - Feature rich ecommerce website



Whenever we produce a shiny new website, we like to take a minute to sit back and appreciate our hard work and the impressive results we’ve achieved. So here goes...

A great example of what our know-how, experience and innovation can produce is the new The-Shop@86 website. Replacing an old, tired looking site, the new online shop we’ve built for the business shows off their popular products, casts the company in the best possible light and ensures a fantastic, smooth experience for every user who visits the retailer.

View new website:

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Launch of the new Award Winning First Copy website

firstcopy new website

First Copy Trusted Relationship

As we’ve worked with First Copy for more than six years, we’re very familiar with the comprehensive services they offer.

From providing innovative office and ‘pay for print’ printing and document workflow solutions and managed Print Services, First Copy is able to provide a comprehensive service to businesses large and small.

The services that First Copy provide, allow businesses to focus on their own work rather than worrying about their document production systems. This can significantly boost the productivity of the office, freeing employees from the worry of ordering and managing their print equipment and ensuring that all of the printed materials that are released by the company are up to standard and produced cost effectively.

View new website:

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Christmas Cheer for Online Retail

Fotolia 20744025 XSChristmas Cheer for Online Retail

The UK etail market grew by 17 per cent year-on-year to December 2009, higher than the 14 per cent annual growth recorded in December 2008. So what can we expect this year, after 12months of steadying economic climes followed by more budget cuts and the prospect of a double-dip recession?

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