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The brand new Highwaymans Shooting Ground site is live!

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Whether we’re creating a brand new marketing strategy complete with rebrand, or giving a local business’ website a few tweaks, we put in the same amount of energy, passion and creativity.

The Highwaymans Shooting Ground site, one of our most recent design projects, is a fantastic example of this. Sleek, professional and unique, the site will help this much-loved local business achieve the success it deserves.

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Before we started work on the Highwaymans Shooting Ground site, we took our time to understand the company and learn more about exactly what is was that they wanted. Logic dictates that the more we know about a business’ target audience, USP and future goals, the easier it is for us to create a website that suits their needs perfectly.

Once we’d worked together to come up with a colour palette, a general layout and an aesthetic, it was time to hand over our hard work to our creative team and let them to work their magic.


One of the biggest challenges that small businesses face these days is creating sites that are user friendly, quick to load and packed full of information. Users are demanding ever higher standards from their online experience, even the smallest of businesses and newest start ups are expected to have a highly professional web presence straight off the bat if they’re to be in with a chance of success.

To make sure that the Highwaymans Shooting Ground site filled the brief and beyond, we made sure that all of the important information is easy to find and clearly displayed. Navigation is intuitive and news and upcoming events are updated on a regular basis to keep the site fresh and relevant - two things Google loves when deciding on where to rank sites in their search results.

What’s more, the site now has an events booking system to allow customers to arrange their shooting experiences. The company can manage this, and other aspects of their site, using the content management system (CMS) that we’ve installed for them to make managing and updating their site simple and straightforward.

To make sure that the Highwaymans Shooting Ground is ready for the future of the web, we’ve given it a responsive design. This means that the content will adapt to the screen it’s being viewed on, giving mobile users the best experience possible.


Now that the Highwaymans Shooting Ground site is finished and ready to go, it will do its part to help attract visitors to the site and keep them there when they arrive. As well as giving the business a site it can be proud of, this will help to inform customers, boost marketing and help to make this unique local enterprise a real success.

To find out more about creating a brand new identity for your own business, get in touch with a member of our team today.

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