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What do we use the internet for anyway?

googledIt’s the single largest infrastructure ever built in all time. Banned in Egypt and a legal human right in Finland. The number of people using the internet is massive; with over two billion subscribers the internet is huge!

We all use the internet but what for? What do we all actually do with it? Well I know I’ve recently done some research, shopped, made contact with friends, did some business. The fact is we use the internet for almost everything. There are more and more things to use the internet for and there are more people to do it with.

Video usage is increasingly popular. In 2010 the BBC served 140 million videos on its site alone. Sounds impressive? YouTube in 2010 had 13 million hours of video content and 700 billion video views!

What about music? Do you still buy CD’s? The sales of CD’s are on a rapid decline and putting the music industry in strain. The industry needs to change and adapt to survive

Ebooks currently outsell hardcover’s 2:1 on Amazon. In 2010 the eBook industry was worth $1 billion and is expected to triple by 2014. That’s got to be good news for the rainforest?

Social media – ok don’t look away as its not going anywhere!

The world as a whole tweeted 25 billion times in 2010. And, while that sounds massive, it’s nothing compared to email. An astounding 107 trillion emails were exchanged last year. That’s more than 294 billion everyday.

Ok so it all sounds brilliant, so what?

It’s the single-most important media and communication resource available to us today, and its value and relevance will only continue to grow in the coming years, even as that of other media wanes.

The internet is intrinsic in modern society, it binds people and information. It’s becoming the world’s brain.

It’s easy to dismiss the internet, but without out it the modern way of life simply couldn’t function!


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