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Why use an EPOS system?


"We cannot fault the excellent service provided by Identity Web Design. We recently took the opportunity to rebuild and improve our website and although this initially seemed a daunting task, Identity Web Design made sure the process ran smoothly. We also took the opportunity to integrate our new EPOS system, which works beautifully"
Karen Cornforth - Managing Director

Consumer expectations have never been as high as they are today, and with so much competition for their attention, the smallest issue can be the difference between keeping and losing customers to the business around the corner.

Using an EPOS system could have a positive impact on the smooth running and effectiveness of your business, lets look at why:

What is an epos system?

Electronic Point of Sale (EPOS) is a combination of hardware and software designed to help you run your business more effectively. Where traditional till systems record sales, EPOS systems not only record this transactional information but can then generate detailed reports using this information.

Sign in from anywhere at any time to get access to reports & tailored information to make improvements to your business in real-time. This affords owners and managers more insight into their business, allowing them to make actionable changes to increase revenue and cut costs.

Some systems can be customised to include a number of features to improve business operations including loyalty reward schemes, staffing and inventory management and marketing facilities.

Faster Payments

Taking a payment should never been a slow part of any process.

It’s not just customers who get frustrated by a slow payment process, but staff too - it’s pretty stressful watching a line getting longer and longer while working hard to clear the backlog.

EPOS systems with integrated payments means the till systems speaks directly to the EPOS, so there's no manual actions involved leading to faster payments, preserving a positive customer experience. By using an integrated system, you could shorten waiting times and serve more customers in a shorter space of time.

Reduce Human Error

When connecting your card machine to your POS (point of sale), it cuts out the need to manually input transaction amounts. With an EPOST there is no manual typing necessary, your system speaks to the card machine.

However, this means that mistakes are inevitably made sometimes, we’re all human after all, but actually charging the customer incorrectly could do some serious damage to your business’ reputation. Using an EPOS system completely eradicates theses margins for human error.

Reduce Theft

It’s an unfortunate circumstance to encounter but it can happen, some employees are capable of stealing from their place of work.

With an EPOS system you have a lot more control. You can protect against employee theft by removing the need for manual input e.g. when re-ordering materials or manually inputting a payment amount. You will also be able to set staff permissions, which enables you to lock off areas and access to sensitive information along with effectively giving you a trail should anything go amiss.

They're Secure

Protecting your customers’ data is absolutely critical to maintaining trust and credibility - it can make or break your reputation so should be top of your priority list.

Integrating payments using the EPOS Now system guarantees security at every stage of the transaction process by arming you with the tools you need to safely accept payments, fight fraud, and ultimately safeguard your business.

Connected to your website

An EPOS system can completely integrate with your website. Whenever an order is placed, the epos system is updated this goes for on and offline, keeping your stock levels, reports and other import information completely in sync.

Contact us if you need any assistance integrating an EPOS system into your business.

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