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5 reasons why website security is important

web secuirty

Website security is important a hacked or malware infected website can result in:

Loss of reputation, Loss of website operatons, Blacklisted website

5 reasons why website security is important in 2018

1 - Hacked websites target your customers

A website which has been comprimised by an attackers can be utilisted in a number of harmful ways, to gather data, farm resources, and even to re-direct trafic.

With the rise of bitcoin there has also been a ride in crypto-currency mining malware as the new or even worse threat to businesses than ransomware, harming not just your business but also your customers

2 - Attacks are on the rise

Unfortunately website attacks are increasing year on year, with several sources advising tightening website security

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3 - Trust and reputation

A hacked website can result in a loss of trust between yourself and customers. The decrease in reputation which comes along with this can also result in a loss of potential new customers. As from July 2018 Google will be restricting website access to websites without an SSL certificate and issuing SEO penalties.

4 - Fixing is more expensive than preventing

The process of cleaning up and removing malware is no simple one, therefor many website owners seek profesional to help. Seeking a profesionals help will inevitably be expenisve and not to mention the loss of revenue and business during this downtime period. It's often much cheaper to keep your website secure, backed up and protected.

5 - A blacklisted website

What is googles blacklist? In short it's a list of websites google has flagged up as suspicious or harmful. You may of seen the “This site may harm your computer” in search results. This warning alone is enough to scare most potential customers away.

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