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How to pick the right web company for you

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Before a project even gets underway a crucial decision from the offset can be selecting the right company to take your project forwards. Whether you opt to work with us or not, we want to help you ask the right questions to make the best choice for your business and requirements. Before acquiring website quotes and making your decision you may want to consider the following:

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Total E-commerce - A complete e-commerce solution


Identity recently created two e-commerce sites, firstly we created the Total Football Direct website which performed well and scored it's goals, in-turn they retured to us to create a sister site, Total Gymnastics Direct. Both e-commerce websites share a recognisable branding to one another and are aimed at similar target markets yet they still boast their own individuality. Both sites have benefited enormously from moving their products online.

View Total Football Direct View Total Gymnastics Direct

The online marketplace is a good platform for you to expand your business. We are going to explain what kind of advantages there are by sharing what we know about online selling.

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Why use an EPOS system?


"We cannot fault the excellent service provided by Identity Web Design. We recently took the opportunity to rebuild and improve our website and although this initially seemed a daunting task, Identity Web Design made sure the process ran smoothly. We also took the opportunity to integrate our new EPOS system, which works beautifully"
Karen Cornforth - Managing Director

Consumer expectations have never been as high as they are today, and with so much competition for their attention, the smallest issue can be the difference between keeping and losing customers to the business around the corner.

Using an EPOS system could have a positive impact on the smooth running and effectiveness of your business, lets look at why:

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Web Design Trends: What to expect in 2021

web trends

Web design trends are constantly emerging and evolving to provide a better experience for your website users. Recently we have seen the rise of mobile first design, strong graphics, and an engaging user experience.

Look with us at 7 trends which are already being widely implemented onto sites:

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Love is in the air - Valentine’s Day Ecommerce Marketing Tips and Tricks

 love in the air

Valentine’s Day is one of the major e-commerce holidays, we have shared some tips and tricks, which you may find useful.

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Be secure avoid Hacked Website?


A hacked website can cause major disruptions to your business and the services you provide, keeping your website up and running is crucial for any business. Usually the security of a website is the last thing on your mind when you are looking for a great website but it's important none the less. Potential website owners are often focused on the asthetics of the site wth many neglecting to keep their website security as updated as possible.

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Ecommerce - Sell your products online

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new projectPowerful Shopping Tools

Safe, Secure & Fast

Identity design and build Ecommerce websites in Suffolk, which is where we are also based. Residing locally has a massive impact on project scope when it comes to building an ecommerce site for local business over one which is not. We build websites for businesses of all sizes and industries.
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Ensuring Excellence: How To QA a Website

excellence qa

QA (Quality Assurance) is the process utilised to ensure a high quality website is delivered.

Quality assurance, user experience, user acceptance testing, usability – these are all related disciplines. QA is a concern of every area of a project from design, development and testing. The end goal always being the same, to deliver an optimal experience to the end users. It’s a good idea to get someone from outside your organisation to test every page, every feature, every aspect of your website from the viewpoint of a real live user.

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Business during covid Xmas Are you ready?


Christmas is nearly upon us, an important time for any online business, now more so than ever. During the lockdown period online sales have risen exponentially and this is a trend we can expect to continue long into the festive period. Now is the time to prepare your site and hit the ground running when shoppers begin searching for gifts, The UK alone online sales in 2019 exceeded the £160 billion mark, meaning there's plenty of business to be won and it's equally important to gain an advantage over your competitors.

Take a look with us at some meaningful branded elements which you can implement to get your site into the Christmas spirit:


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Keep your customers informed during lockdown with notifications

coivd notification

As we prepare to enter a national lockdown on the coming Thursday now is the perfect time to get your business prepared to continue it's services during the 4 week period. Many overlook the importance of notifying their client base with how the business is changing to remain in safe operation, with many people at home checking online the businesses website should always be your first port of call. We can help you with updates to keep your businesses employees and connections well informed. lets take a look at some of these methods and how they work effectively

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