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5 Ways to get People to Read your Content.

Ok so you’ve written something so good but no-one is reading it? No Google+ no likes on Facebook, no comments… don’t worry, it’s not time to throw in the towel just yet, the solution could be simpler than you think.


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1. Short and concise

People scan when they read online so feed that scanning need with snappy concise text. I you have something complex to say try breaking it up.

Start with your conclusion first, then support it with the sentences that follow. This helps your customers to move from point to point, and decide where they’d like to dive in deeper.

2. Break up content with compelling sub headings.

Strong headings are key in attracting readers in the first place. Subheadings are just as important and keep your readers reading as they move through your content.

Make your subheadings informative and intriguing, remember a lot of users will have a good idea what is good and worth reading so using buzz words and hype could end up alienating a lot of readers.

3. Numbers good for maths and for content.

Numbers are an incredibly effective way to both capture attention and to keep the reader oriented. In short numbers work!

Have a look around the internet. There are countless top performing websites that use numbers to guide their readers… errm this one? Try it yourself.

4. Formatting to make things stand out.

As readers scan your content make sure they are attracted to the most important bits by highlighting them. This will help them read your content more effectively.

Don’t highlight everything as this will have a negative effect.

5. Deep Captions, “Read Me Now!”

Take advantage of people’s natural drive to read any words placed under a photo. They’re typically two–three sentences long, but can be as long as a paragraph. A page full of photos and deep captions can be a very effective way to communicate your message.


Keep it short, break it up, add some numbers FORMAT it and stick some “quotes” in… Simple right? Well ok not so simple, the content in the first place may have something to do with whether people read it or not, however, following these simple steps could put you in a much better position with your audience.

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