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Changes To Google Maps API


You may have noticed google maps has recently stopped working on your website, this is because Google have recently updated the way in which API keys can be used for maps.

1. As of 11th June, changes were made meaning you will need to have created a Google Cloud Platform billing account, complete with credit card details, to even continue using the API. 

2. Free monthly usage is now capped at $200 worth of API calls. If you use maps on a page, that equates to approximately 28000 page loads per month.


The free usage allowance will not surpass the request requirements of most websites. 

Even if you won’t be affected by the $200 limit, you will at the very least have to set up a billing account complete with your credit card details use an API for google maps. Not everyone will be comfortable doing this. Google estimate that around 98% of users should fall within the $200 limit.

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