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You may have noticed spooky elements throughout our website over the halloween period such as spiders and our pumpkin logo. Why? It’s a fun way of engaging your websites users whilst keeping things relevant to the current season. Expect to see more christmas themed areas appearing throughout our site soon.

Christmas is just around the corner. Why not get prepared early with some seasonal elements for your website:

Themed Adverts

Whether you’re selling products or promoting services a well-designed advert will catch the eye and increase interest. A great way to instantly add some festivity to your website. Nothing over the top, remember this is a website not a Christmas tree.

xmas banner

Let it Snow!

Have your very own white Christmas! Keep your website interesting and seasonal themed with some snow, a quick addition which is often commented on by our website users. Take a look at our themed homepage from last Christmas below.

xmas site


Take the opportunity to highlight and upsell products and services with seasonal promotions, with an increase of online sales over the Christmas period in particular of more than 35%. A well targeted ad can catch the eye and offers a unique opportunity which only comes around once a year.

seasontempbig 2

Themed logo

Show your attentive to what’s going on around you and your creative skills with a seasonal logo, it's a great way to put across some of your company’s personality and ad some seasonal flare to your website.  

haloween logoxmas logologo halloween

Themed Content

Themed news articles (much like this one) are a great way of connecting with your audience, seize the opportunity to inform your readers of upcoming events / promotions. These elements can also be acompanied by themeed calls to action, to prompt users in a direction in a seasonal way.

christmas button 01

Season Countdown

Adding a Christmas countdown to your website creates urgency and increases the likelihood that a customer will engage with your website or product. Countdowns are quick and easy way to adapt to fit your websites Christmas branding.


Seasonal Competitions

Increase your brands presence, increase website traffic and gain some followers with a seasonal competition. How this works will vary depending on your industry, but is it possible to have a Christmas give-away? Try to think up something fun and engaging and promote it across as many platforms as possible.

competition ad

We understand Christmas is a busy period, so we are here to help, if you need anything produced or any assistance implementing your seasonal changes. Contact us to get your website into the seasonal spirit!

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