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Get More Customers this Christmas


OK so it is a little early to start speaking about Christmas (maybe not for everyone 😊) but a little preparation now could really pay off.

In this newsletter we will discuss things you can do with your internet presence to give it a boost this Christmas.

Theme Your Website

There are varying levels of what you can do here. From complete theme change to a few changes of pictures and messages. Either way, changing your website for Christmas tells your customer, and any new customers that you are ready, current and in touch. Don’t underestimate the value of good professional design, it can really connect and persuade customers actions.

So how else can you design your site differently?

  • Christmas backgrounds
  • Style your logo with a Christmas theme
  • Countdown times
  • Snow on you site (ok a bit cheesy but, isn’t that what Xmas is all about?)
  • Promotion images (add some ribbon / bows / holly)
  • Christmas social icons


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Remember this doesn't just have to be for Christmas, your site could benefit from seasona theming. Check out Fancy Dress Hut's current Halloween theme:


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Special Calls to Action

So, you probably have a lot of calls to action on your site already. However, Christmas is a great time to jazz those calls to action up and get them festive and more importantly, noticed! Simple tweaks like this could draw in a lot more customers than you think.

Festive Emails

You probably already run an email campaign (maybe a bit like this one!), so make sure this Christmas that you connect with your email customers in a festive way. This will again promote your business as being connected, current and in touch. All those tricks we spoke about theming your website can also be applied here.

Ecommerce shops

If you have a shop, this is most likely a key time of the year to make sure you sell the most products. Now this section could be a whole newsletter in itself! If you would like a full detailed review of what can be done with your shop then please contact us today. However, I have details a few points below to get you going:

  • Upsell at the checkout – do your customers need wrapping paper for example.
  • Follow up on abandoned carts – contact who you can and them what happened, you will be surprised how many people will continue the purchase.
  • Make sure you have an SSL so your site can be accessed securely while people are shopping. SSL is key on building shopper’s confidence.
  • Make sure your site works on mobile and tablet devices – the market is huge on these devices.

So that’s is for now. Hopefully this has given you something to think about. Of course, identity are here to help with any aspect of your website and marketing. Please give us a call 01473 807014  or contact us.


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