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Get your website into the Christmas spirit

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Christmas is fast approaching, an important time for any business. The UK alone online sales in 2016 exceeded the £140 billion mark, meaning there's plenty of business to be won and it's equally important to get an edge on your competitors.

Customers love seeing businesses get into the Christmas spirit. However, it is essential that your seasonal branding is meaningful, attractive and - most importantly, in keeping with your brand. 

Look through our top tips for getting into the Christmas spirit.

1) Festive themed banners

More sites than not utilise banner images to add attractive images to a page, replace these with more Christmas themed ones for the season.

Festive themed banners are an easy way to instantly add some festivity to your website. Nothing over the top, remember this is a website not a Christmas tree.

ChristmasBanner2.2016 2 watermark

2) Let it snow

Everyone loves a white Christmas, so transform your site into a winter wonderland by making it snow.  Adding elements such as this to your website or landing page will really set you apart from your competitors. Take a look at our website for example!

xmas site

3) Make your logo more ‘Christmassy’

Try adding some holy, maybe a hat, snow or other elements and restyle your logo to have a Christmassy touch.  Adding a Santa hat or snow are simple, yet effective ways of doing this. Just be sure to remove them again once Christmas has passed.

xmas logo

4) Promotions

If your company uses banners, flyers, posters or any other type of marketing media, think up a Christmas themed promotion which compliments your business. We for example are giving away free hosting to new customers over the Christmas period.

xmas banner

5) Email Marketing

During the Christmas period we can all expect a heavy snowfall of emails, the amount of promotional emails during this period is astronomical. Create a Christmas marketing email promoting your sales and best products. This may vary from industry, but there's always something to promote.

Keep your email in-line with your usual branding whilst adding some festive elements to make it stand out from the crowd.

seasontempbig 2

6) Christmas Countdown

Adding a Christmas countdown to your website creates urgency and increases the likelihood that a customer will engage with your website or product.  Countdowns are quick and easy way to adapt to fit your websites Christmas branding.


7) Landing page

Landing pages are a great way to draw your customers attention to an item you are wanting to promote, this will be the first thing customers see once they land on your website. Keep the page informative yet brief, with some visual elements that link to your promoted product. Design the page to include Christmas themed elements with a call to action, steering the customers where you want to draw their attention to.


8) Christmas competitions

Competitions are a great way of attracting more traffic to your website. This will vary depending on your industry, but is it possible to have a Christmas give-away, try to think up something fun and engaging and promote it across as many platforms as possible.

competition ad

9) Call to Actions

A fun yet subtle way to introduce the Christmas theme is by altering your call to actions.  Rather than just ‘Add to Cart’ or ‘Read More’, get creative e.g. you could use ‘Add to your Christmas List’ or 'Visit the Grotto'.

christmas button 01

10) Let us do the hard work for you

We understand Christmas is a busy period, so we are here to help. If you need any help implementing your Christmas themed changes, we are here to help (apart from on Christmas).

Contact us to help get your Christmas preparations underway whilst you sit back and enjoy a mince pie.

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