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Introducing the new Association of Security Consultants website

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If you’re thinking about giving your company website a facelift, or if you’re building a brand new site for an exciting business venture, investing in a design that’s modern, stylish and eye-catching is a must. Whether you operate predominantly online, or just use your homepage as a digital calling card, your site will influence customer opinion and affect the success of your company.

To show just what a big difference a redesign can make, we’re taking a quick look at the all new Association of Security Consultants site.

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The Association of Security Consultants was in urgent need of revamping its website to provide a more informative and user friendly website that was also more engaging with its membership.  We also decided to use the opportunity to refreshen our logo and associated brand image as part of a wider marketing campaign to include social media.

In this regards, we were therefore wanted to find a design partner who had both experience in designing membership based websites as well as experience in assisting with updating online brand image / identity.   Identity proved to be the perfect strategic partner and we are more than happy with the end result.  Not only have we seen a significant increase in traffic clicking on to the website but also much greater interaction by members using the website to update their profiles, check news and events and partake in online forum discussions.  Throughout the process Identity staff have been very attentive in coming up with creative suggestions and solutions to solving various website function requirements and have completely delivered on the brief they were given.  Would be happy to recommend them to anyone.

Nick Johnson BSc MBA - Business Development / Senior Security Adviser

Association of Security Consultants

Though the former website for the Association of Security Consultants offered visitors plenty of information, links and contact details, the amount of text on the homepage was a little overwhelming. Visitors could be put off by the dense copy and the key points didn’t jump off of the screen.

The new site however has a much more professional appearance. Giving the organisation the gravitas and style it deserves, our online overhaul will transform the image of the Association of Security Consultants.

Membership website

To cater to the organisation’s large client base, we created a special members area that can only be accessed with a username and password. This allows the Association of Security Consultants to offer high quality content, while giving its members a trustworthy place where they can find out about issues that affect their industry.

Profile management dashboard

Members can manage their online profiles quickly and easily using the profile management dashboard. Intuitive to use, the dashboard allows members to keep their online information as up to date as possible.

Document management

Likewise, members can now manage their online documents using the Association of Security Consultants site. With uploads and edits now easier than ever.

Search consultants

Those who want to browse available consultants can use the handy search tool to find what they’re looking for. Easy to use, the tool makes the site very accessible and user friendly.

Events management / calendar system

To ensure the site is as useful as possible to members, we’ve included an events management system that will help keep all users of the new Association of Security Consultants up to date with the latest goings on.


In security consultancy, as in many industries, networking is an essential part of success and innovation. The built in forum gives members a place to exchange ideas, discuss relevant issues and find out more about news stories that affect their industry.

Newsletter system

Last but not least, the new Association of Security Consultants site includes a newsletter system that will help to inform members and disseminate relevant news stories and information about up coming events.

If your online presence could do with a new look, or if you want to add some useful features to your existing site, get in touch with a member of our team today to discuss your project.

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