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Leverage the True Power of AdWords with these handy Tips

Leverage the True Power of AdWords with these handy Tips

AdWords is a very powerful tool and if you are using it already or thinking about using have a read below for some possible extra tips to get you going.

  1. Take advantage of Adwords Audiences

Audiences allows you to experiment with showing your ads to different groups of people. This is could be a powerful feature for your campaign. Being able to segregate your audience and split your ads to specific groups gives you control over split testing and homing in on your ad spend.

Spend your time and budget trying out different audience functionalities and see if they improve your campaign. However, make sure you record your changes and use a methodology so that you can work out good and bad performing changes.

  1. Take time to learn the interface.

Adwords has, over the past year or so, been rolling out a new user interface and for users of the old interface this has become frustrating experience. It may feel a bit odd and slow to start with, but google are constantly tweaking it. The faster you learn your way around the updated interface, the better you’ll be able to take advantage of the improvements and utilise them in your campaigns.

  1. Use ad extension to maximise your campaign

Extensions expand your ad with additional information. Extension formats include call buttons, location information, links to specific parts of your website, additional text and more. Ads with extensions are more personal and often deliver higher click-through rates, improve quality score and get better results.

Try this yourself, they are relatively easy to setup and you should see some real results.

  1. Conversion Tracking is your friend

Conversion tracking is the process of tracking an action as a result of an AdWords click. The most common use is tracking a sale due to an ad. The benefits of this are clear, you can see which ads bring in the most money. However, sales tracking isn’t the only thing that can be tracked, there are Different conversion types such as calls from ads, calls from websites, web form completions like quote requests etc

  1. Use keyword match types wisely

Correct keyword usage is essential in managing good AdWords budget. Google isn’t very good at describing how they work in terms of keyword matching and match types. You may be tempted in using keywords that bring in the greatest number of clicks, but actually you should be aiming for quality not quantity.

Using a broad match type will bring in the most clicks as google can match this in any way it can to search terms. This may be good for keyword analysis during a campaign but cause you to lose your budget quickly.

Exact match, is exactly that, your keywords will only match if the phrase is typed in exactly (Although google does allow for spelling mistakes and very close variations). You need to balance different match types to suit your ads and campaign. It’s the key to a successful 2018 AdWords campaign.

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