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Love is in the air - Valentine’s Day Ecommerce Marketing Tips and Tricks

 love in the air

Valentine’s Day is one of the major e-commerce holidays, we have shared some tips and tricks, which you may find useful.

Add A Valentine’s Day Section

Display your holiday promotion in a Valentine theme, enticing graphics which can be quickly recognised as a valentines related product / service. This is an ideal place to promote gifts which could lend well for a 'for him' or 'for her' which can be great for giving unsure gift buyers a push in the right direction. 

More sites than not utilise banner images to add attractive images to a page, replace these with more Valentine themed ones for an easy way to instantly add some festivity to your website. 



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Market Your Products Early

It's always good to be prepared in advance, having any changes you are planning to make in place and ready to go before the big day will not only ensure everything is working well but there is also more time to capture the attention of potential customers. Most people will purchase during February so be sure to have everything in place and ready to go. Don't forget it will take time to process and deliver items so be sure to allow plenty of time for these to reach people before Valentines is here.


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Create An Email Marketing Campaign

During this period we can all expect a lot of marketing emails, the amount of promotional emails during this period is astronomical. Create a Valentines marketing email promoting your sales and best products. This may vary from industry, but there's always something to promote.

Keep your email in-line with your usual branding whilst adding some festive elements to make it stand out from the crowd.



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Last Minute Flash Sales

Adding a countdown to valentines day along with some time exclusive deals can tap into customers fear of missing out (FOMO) and grab a few more sales.

Promote the sale across all platforms – social media, emails, text messaging and google ads. Just make sure that you can get it shipped to them in time for Valentine’s Day.


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Let Us Do The Hard Work For You

We understand this is a busy period, so we are here to help. If you need any help implementing your Valentines themed changes, we are here to help.

Contact us to help get your preparations underway

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