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Promote your business at Christmas

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We have 10 tips, 5 for business and 5 for specifically for online shops. It’s Christmas, love it or hate it it’s time to get selling!

None ecommerce:

Timeline Cover Photos

Changing your social media cover photo is quite easy, there are plenty of templates online. If you struggle designing or creating one yourself maybe you can get a professional bespoke image made up for you. Make sure you have a call to action on the image so that people know what to do.

Let it Snow

Another quick win is snow… There are lots of snow effects that can be installed on your site, so why not? It’s snowing on our site now – check it out:

eChristmas Cards

You probably already send an email newsletter, if you don’t then you should seriously think about doing so or contact us for help.  You most likely have a list of regular customers that you are able to send something to? This is a good chance to send them an ecard, why not donate the saving from sending a real card to charity and make your customer aware of your favourite fundraising cause.

Make a Christmas video to send to clients and involve your staff.

Video is a fantastic way of raising your companies profile and a great way to get everybody involved. Give everyone an opportunity to be creative and have a good time. You could even use your video to advertise Christmas special offers!

Call customers to wish them a Happy Christmas

What a great way to take the opportunity to speak to your customers? Which them a merry Christmas and find out more about their business and any opportunities that may arise.

5 Specific Ecommerce

Give free delivery on all orders. 

Shopping at Christmas is stressful enough, if you give your customer free delivery on all products that is one less thing they should worry about at checkout. From a customer’s perspective, the cart process becomes more straightforward and transparent.

Don’t assume that everyone who visits likes Christmas. 

Just because some people don’t like Christmas or don’t celebrate it for any reasons, doesn’t mean they still don’t want to shop. You could be cheeky with a “Don’t like Christmas?” option that takes the user to a none festive version of your site that they can use without the festive vibe.

Returns, exchange and terms need to be clear.

This is especially key if your terms over Christmas are different to especially if you're extending it for Christmas. When shoppers are feeling stressed, the reassurance of being able to (easily) send back a gift can help capture significantly more sales. 

Create a Christmas Landing Page

A focused page dedicated to things only Christmas is a fantastic time saver for a lot of customers. This should be in addition to existing categories/landing pages and really sell your Christmas products/services.

Plus 2 free ones:

Gift wrapping options at checkout need to be highlighted as soon as possible. This will give customers piece of mind if they are looking for this service

Send customers a voucher that they can redeem in January. If you want customers to come back to your shop this is a fantastic enticement.

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