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Stop Using Internet Explorer 6 Says Microsoft


And here at Identity we couldn’t agree more! Microsoft has launched a campaign to try to reduce the 10-year-old browsers usage down to 1%.

The new countdown site - – is “designed to monitor progress of moving worldwide market share of Internet Explorer 6 (IE6) to less than 1%”, Microsoft said in a statement. “Currently one in four Internet Explorer users continue to use IE6, a browser which lacks modern web standards and provides an unsatisfactory user experience,” said the company.

IE6 is a seriously dated browser which contains many security issues and loopholes; however, it is still being used by many large companies around the world.

Microsoft is urging visitors to the site to display a countdown banner on any websites they might be connected to, and also to “educate others” about IE6’s flaws.

Microsoft are due to release their new Operating System, Windows 8 very soon and that bring along with it IE10. The first preview of IE10 came just a month after IE9 was released, and Microsoft claims it will offer further hardware acceleration and build on the compatibility and web fidelity trends Microsoft established in IE9.

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