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Ok so here at identity we know we couldn’t easily work without our online storage service. It backs up our files, it shares them between computers, it even has the ability to restore older deleted files! We can work from home and still have all our work files to hand, the service in to us, indispensible. Which one do we use? It’s called Dropbox, which as I’m sure many of you already do use. However, for those that haven’t discovered it yet and what it could potentially do for you and your business let me explain. First let me start by saying we are not getting paid by Dropbox so I’ll also take you through a couple of different service providers that also offer similar services…

Online storage services that let you upload important files to a web-based server and access them from any of your other computers and mobile devices, are a brilliant resources for businesses.

They usually use a virtual drive that exists on your desktop in some manner, and it is linked directly to your online storage space. The contents of this virtual hard drive remain in sync across all of the desktops, laptops and mobile devices on which you have installed the client software.

You designate which files or folders that you want to be part of the virtual drive; everything on that drive is then automatically uploaded to an online server. From there it is accessible (by logging on with a username and a password) from your other devices, either from another installed version of the application, or via a web interface. And you can grant other people access.

All sounds good but what is on offer? Here are some of our hot picks:

DropBox – 2Gb of free storage, minimalistic approach that just works. (Paid plans available for more storage)

ZumoDrive -  2Gb of free storage, minimalistic and works in a very similar way to the DropBox. The biggest ‘fault’ would be that more people that you want to collaborate with will probably be using DropBox.

OpenDrive-Generous  free 5Gb storage, needs java platform to work – drag and drop mentality, we have noticed some stability issues. (Paid plans available for more storage)

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