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Whenever we produce a shiny new website, we like to take a minute to sit back and appreciate our hard work and the impressive results we’ve achieved. So here goes...

A great example of what our know-how, experience and innovation can produce is the new The-Shop@86 website. Replacing an old, tired looking site, the new online shop we’ve built for the business shows off their popular products, casts the company in the best possible light and ensures a fantastic, smooth experience for every user who visits the retailer.

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Feature rich ecommerce site

As The-Shop@86 needed their site to be able to accomplish a range of specialised functions, we needed to create a feature rich ecommerce platform. After working closely together with the client, we were able to fine-tune these features and create a site that did everything the client needed it to, and more.

International appeal

The products available on The-Shop@86 site have broad international appeal. To cater to this global customer base, we created the online shop in a multilingual format. The ecommerce site also features a choice of currency options, making it easy for domestic and international shoppers to find and buy the fantastic products on sale.

Custom cart features

To help shoppers keep track of the products they’re buying, we created a mini cart display to sit at the top of the page and tot up all the purchases that customers are making.

We also built custom product add to cart features, giving both The-Shop@86 and the customers they serve full control over their products.

Account dashboard

As well as the mini cart function, shoppers can also use the My Account Dashboard to monitor their purchases, update their info and keep track of their orders.

Secure and easy to use, this feature helps The-Shop@86 to promote customer loyalty and ensure that shoppers feel connected to the brand and valued by the retailer throughout their online shopping experience.

Back end

Though a smart new website is all well and good, it can’t do much for an online shop unless the retailer has full control over the products on sale and the orders that the ecommerce site brings in.

That’s why, when creating The-Shop@86, we developed advanced stock and order management systems, giving the team behind the shop the ability to control the most important aspects of their ecommerce site.

To find out more about the work we do, or to discuss a web makeover of your own, get in touch with one of the friendly members of the Identity team.

Launch of the new Award Winning First Copy website
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