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Unless you’ve got a tech genius on your payroll, you probably had to employ an outside agency to create your company website for you. In most cases, you will have provided your web designer with the basic content for the site, along with guidance on how you wanted the site to look, feel and operate.

While some agencies will hand over control of the finished site to you to do with as you will, other will simply present you with the finished product, making it impossible for you to update or alter your site without paying your designer to make the changes for you. Swapping your current web design agency for one that will provide you with a back end to your site is invaluable, especially when it comes to keeping your site fresh, interesting and relevant.

Keeping customers up to date

Being able to update the content on your site whenever you need to is a major advantage. Not only will it give you full control over your web presence, it will also make it easy to keep customers up to date with your latest news and offers.

Updating your site regularly with news, events and special offers will show your customers you’re active, engaged and ready to be of service. This will make them more likely to get in touch if they have any questions and will lead to a boost in visits and potentially a boost in sales.

Keeping costs down

Paying a web designer to update your site every time you want to change its contents will soon become expensive. In some cases, these added costs may put small businesses off making essential updates, causing their websites to become old, unloved and uncared for.

However, if you choose an agency that provides you with a content management system for your site, you’ll be able to log in and make changes from the back end of the site. If you choose a good agency, the cost of including a CMS in the design will be negligible, especially when compared to paying for future updates and alterations.


Not only are regular updates great for customers, they are also fantastic for your SEO. Google loves to see fresh pages, new copy and new photos uploaded on a regular basis, and keeping your content new and well maintained could do wonders for your page ranking.

To find out more about the benefits of a content management system, or to discuss a web design project of your own, get in touch with the team at Identity today.

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