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Case Study: Safewards


Safety and security in the workplace is important for all industries. However, when you’re working with mental health patients, it’s absolutely vital. That’s why Safewards - an organisation we recently completed a project for – work hard to provide information, support and training to healthcare professionals across Europe.
In order to help them reach a larger audience and get their message across as clearly as possible, Safewards needed a web presence that was clear, concise and engaging. We worked with the organisation to create a website that would inform and connect with healthcare professionals and provide an important resource for improving standards of care throughout the world.

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Resource platform

Safewards wanted to create a site that was packed full of useful and practical information. Drawing on their considerable expertise. The organisation has created a comprehensive catalogue of resources for healthcare professionals to access and to learn from.
When designing the site, we made sure that these articles, tips and guidelines were easy and quick to access. Clearly labelled and quick to load, these invaluable resources could help to transform working practices across the sector.

Fully multilingual

Safewards work with healthcare professional from a number of countries including the UK, Turkey, Germany, Finland, Denmark and the Netherlands. In order to ensure the information contained in the site was easy for all professionals to access, the Safewards URL needed to be fully multilingual.
Using flags at the top of the page, just above the navigation bar, users can quickly change the language the text is displayed in. This is one of the most important features of the site and one that makes it useable across Europe.

Full featured CMS

To give Safewards control over their content, we’ve created a full featured Content Management System, or CMS, for the organisation to use. Simply designed and laid out, the CMS can be used to update the site in order to keep it as relevant as possible.


As Google likes to see website content being regularly updated and added to, good quality blogs are great for SEO. To help boost the website’s page rankings, and give them a space where they can announce their latest news and delve into relevant issues, we’ve integrated a blog into the Safewards site.

Dedicated hosting

To make the Safewards site load quickly and to make it as secure as possible, we’ve built the URL using dedicated hosting. This means that the pages will load quickly even on mobile devices, something that will benefit all visitors to the Safewards site.

Responsive design

Another factor that will help the site to load quickly on mobile devices is that it’s designed responsively. The content will adjust to the screen it’s being viewed on, no matter whether it’s a PC, a laptop, a smartphone or a computer.


To find out more about our high quality web design services, or to discuss a project of your own, get in touch with a member of our team today.

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