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Colours sway our moods, emotions, ideas and decision making on a day to day basis! 

Here at Identity Web Design we incorporate this in to the making of your website to attract your intended target market!

In the info graphic (Right), brings to light the preference in colour for both men and women. We can see from their findings, Blue is favoured most by both men and woman alike. It has a calming effect on our emotions by projecting trust, loyalty and order. 

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Successful business like Facebook, High-street Banks and PayPal have used this to their advantage by incorporating the colour into their landing pages and colour schemes. Over time there have been many tests to find out the physiological effects this colour has on the human mind. Studies have even shown that people are more active in blue rooms more than any other colour. 

Be sure to take in to consideration the different representations of colours around the world and the affect this will have on your users. Red means love and stop in the UK but in the Middle East it means danger, caution and evil. Also bear in mind people with visual disabilities. Green and reds put together do not stand out so if you have a red button on a green background, it will be harder for the user to find and something as small as this can cause bounce rates away from your website. 

Click the image to the right to visit kiss metrics blog for a detailed breakdown on how colour can be used to make a successful website. 

Click here to use’s tool to find out what colour schemes are working best for industry leaders today.

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