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In the last few years, the popularity of the mobile web has sky rocketed. In 2015, the number of Google searches performed on mobile devices outstripped the number made on laptops and desktops. A third of Brits now see their phone as their go-to internet browsing device and smartphone use has increased 394% in the last four years.

As well as making for interesting statistics, these figures show the importance of the mobile web. Companies that want to connect with their customers regardless of their geographical location have to invest in getting their site ready for the mobile web, otherwise they may miss out and risk giving their business to the competition.

Responsive design

Responsive design is the tech world’s answer to the mobile web. Sites that are designed responsively adjust their contents to suit the size of the screen the page is being viewed on. This allows mobile users to navigate more efficiently and helps the content to appear more attractive and more usable.

As more and more people use their smartphone as their main means of accessing the web, users are coming to expect responsive design and will be easily put off a site if it doesn’t adjust to their screens.

Converting to a responsive site

In order to make your company’s webpage responsive, you’ll need to have it rebuilt by a professional. They’ll be able to rewrite the code of your site in order to make it adjust to fit the dimensions of the screen it’s viewed on.

As this will involve some major reworking, it’s a fantastic opportunity to give your site a facelift and bring your website right up to date. A good web design company will be able to transform your site quickly and easily, giving your business a modern web presence and a website to be proud of.

Non-responsive sites

One of the main problems with unresponsive sites is that they can appear crowded, chaotic and confusing when viewed on a smartphone screen. Buttons can be difficult to click and information hard to find. This can cause visitors to navigate away from the webpage and can even prompt them to seek the services of a mobile-ready competitor.

As the pros of responsive design so heavily outweigh the cons, this type of website will begin to become the standard. Companies that fail to make the move to responsive design could see their client base begin to drop off which could have a serious impact on the company’s image and future success.

If your website is in need of an overhaul, rebuilding it responsively is a fantastic way to take advantage of the mobile nature of the web. Get in touch today to find out more.

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