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Landing Pages: Turn Traffic into Conversion.


Turn your internet traffic into money! Simply a landing page is a page on a website where you send traffic that prompts a specific action. Landing pages can be the most important pages of your website. In this article we will speak about traffic sources and the benefits of a good landing page.

Traffic Sources

Pay Per Click (PPC) search marketing such as Google Adwords is a key example of a way you can drive traffic to specific pages on your website.

Banner or sponsorship adverts that have a specific address to target the audience to your website are a good way to funnel your audience.

Email campaigns are almost a double advert, your email in the first place and then the landing page that the email drives the user to. You may have come to this article via our email campaign, so in this case this is our landing page. Although we are not selling anything in particular, we hope you find this informative.

Creating a good landing page

A good landing page is fundamental to a successful marketing strategy. Customers need to instantly know why they have arrived at your landing page and what they need to do next.

Avoid Clutter

While fancy moving graphics and flashing objects sounds fun and eye catching, in fact it often distracts the reader from the main purpose of the page.Keep things simple, and make sure the images you use on your landing pages support -- not distract -- the pathway to conversion.

Be concise and precise

Customers will make up their mind about your landing page within seconds of viewing it. If you haven’t got to the point within their attention span, you’ve lost that customer. Customers come to your page for a reason so give them the answer to that reason straight away. A well-directed call to action is a great way of making sure customers do what they need to do. Call now, fill out a form, download this book etc etc need to be clear, concise and precise.

Design and formatting

Good looking landing pages work better than poorly designed ones. It’s common sense really but its also one of the hardest aspects to get right. Clear use of headings, well laid out forms, clear explanations and use of images all help drive that conversion on your landing page.

We hope this helps you develop your landing pages. Next month we will be talking about responsive web design and how that can help you reach more customers.


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