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Launch of the new and improved The Music Tracks and The Music Sculptors website

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Of course we do our very best to ensure all of the websites that leave our workshop are innovative, exciting and stylish, but we’re particularly pleased with our latest offering, a shiny new website for The Music Tracks and The Music Sculptors. Boasting a range of exciting features and a great new look, the site gives this innovative company a web presence to be proud of.

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The Music Tracks and The Music Sculptors

This new site comes in two parts, one for the Music Tracks and one for The Music Sculptors.

The Music Tracks is the production music library for The Music Sculptors, the studio of leading music composer Mark Sayer-Wade and one of the UK’s most prolific sound to picture companies. With years of experience writing scores for film, drama, documentary, animation and commercials, they are the go to company for many of the country’s leading production companies and agencies.

The Music Tracks side of the site offers an extensive music catalogue featuring some of The Music Sculptors best works. As all of the tracks featured were created in house, The Music Sculptors are able to tweak the arrangements to suit client’s needs perfectly.

The Website

The website that we carefully crafted for The Music Tracks and The Music Sculptors boasts a range of innovative and customized features. The site needed to be stylish, easy to use and quick to load, so we put a lot of effort into ensuring all of the features were streamlined and effective.

One of the most important aspects of The Music Tracks and The Music Sculptors site is its custom playlist feature. Making it easy for prospective clients to find the music they’re looking for, this feature helps users access The Music Sculptors’ extensive and impressive library of tracks.

Other features include a specially built client login area that’s been customized to suit the specific needs of The Music Tracks and The Music Sculptors and a full featured content management system. The site also offers a range of specially designed media features and a stylish new look.

By working closely with The Music Sculptors, we were able to ensure that they were happy with the site at every stage of development and that the new site fit their needs and requirements perfectly.

If you’d like to give your online presence a brand new look or need to give your website a facelift, get in touch with the team at Identity Web Design today.

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