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SEO Tips for your business startup


As a newly established company it can be an uphill struggle to get visitors to your website and an even bigger struggle to convert these visitors into customers. The most efficient way of generating the traffic is via search engines such as Google & Bing, otherwise you are completely depending on potential customers having already heard of you and directly searching you out or referrals from other marketing media. Therefore SEO needs to be at the forefront of most businesses marketing efforts.

How can you achieve SEO success from the very beginning?

We are going to talk through what elements to keep in mind when developing a solid SEO strategy when launching your new business start-up.


SEO Fundamentals 

Know your audience

The first and most important step is knowing your target audience. Often the fall point for good marketing campaigns is misdirection, if you provide great content to the wrong people your efforts will fall flat. Identity what characteristics register with your audience, and market towards them. When you have identified your target audience marketing becomes a lot easier, in-turn you will know what keywords to target, content to create, and keywords they are searching for, three very important areas.


Fix and optimise your page

If you are directing visitors to a page make sure it works, fix any broken areas which may make it difficult for users to achieve what they came to do. Once you're certain your website is fluently functioning you'll want to ensure the page is well optimised, therefore it will rank well with search engines and deliver a fast and fluent experience for it's users. There are many optimisations you can carry out on-page, look at:

  • pagespeed
  • image alt tags
  • keyword interlinking
  • duplicate content
  • .htaccess, .robots.txt, xml sitemap
  • meta data
  • URL structure
  • analytics

Register your Google My Business page

Local SEO is very important, you should rank well on local search terms ie. we rank higher for 'web design Ipswich' than we do 'web design' this is local SEO at work.

You will find a massive boost for local SEO and find yourself in the local business map if you register for a Google My Business page. Doing so will increase your local search traffic and help prevent anyone from fraudulently using your business name online.

Google will refer to the information entered here for verifying relevant information such as your contact number and address. 

Register with Google webmaster tools

Google have a very essential for ensuring a successful marketing strategy, webmaster tools. Once you have webmaster tools integrated with your website you will be able to submit a sitemap, monitor errors, and utilise a whole range of helpful tools to keep your website well maintained. 

Integrate Google Analytics

Analytics provides you with loads of helpful information on visitors to your website, this includes anything from the amount of visitors over a period of time detailed right down to what pages they visited and how long for. This tool will go hand in hand with the first point of identifying your target audience.

From google analytics you can find:

Most popular landing pages (where people enter the site)

Least popular pages (where people leave the site)

Where traffic is coming from (direct search, google search, social network, links)


All in all these are just a few of but probably the most important areas to be looking at when aiming to launch a successful SEO campaign.

If you need any assistance with any of the points above, or if you wish to push your SEO on further please free to contact us.





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